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Things to do in Gran Canaria

Bathed in glorious sunshine and ideal weather all year round, Gran Canaria, the third largest island in Spain’s Canary Islands, is among the top of the list of holiday destinations in Spain and Europe. Endowed with a perfect combination of varying natural wonders, the island lures tourists from around the world with its golden sand dunes, immaculate white sand beaches, inimitable landscape, and fun and exciting activities.


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Gran Canaria Highlights Tour

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The Big Gran Canaria Map Tour

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Jeep Safari Gran Canaria

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Afrikat Catamaran Gran Canaria

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Five Star Catamaran Gran Canaria

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Spirit Of The Sea Dolphin Watching Gran Canaria

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Buggy Tour Gran Canaria

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Camel Ride Gran Canaria Tour

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Horse Riding Gran Canaria 2 hours

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Top Things to do in Gran Canaria

Bathed in glorious sunshine and ideal weather all year round, Gran Canaria, the third largest island in Spain’s Canary Islands, is among the top of the list of holiday destinations in Spain and Europe. Endowed with a perfect combination of varying natural wonders, the island lures tourists from around the world with its golden sand dunes, immaculate white sand beaches, inimitable landscape, and fun and exciting activities.

What to See in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a beautiful hodgepodge of picturesque sceneries—on one hand you’ll lose yourself in the island’s rugged coastline dotted with spectacular beaches and popular holiday resorts. On the other side, there’s the desert with endless stretches of golden sand dunes waiting to be explored. Still, at the island’s core is a mountainous terrain ready to spoil nature and adventure lovers with incredible views of dramatic cliffs and a host of adrenaline-pumping must-dos. Ready to discover the wonders of the Canaries’ archipelago’s third largest island? These are just some of the best tours Gran Canaria offers that are worth trying. 

Top Gran Canaria Tours

The Big Island Tour

With the island’s numerous attractions to explore, all-inclusive Gran Canaria holidays, complete tour packages, and last minute Gran Canaria deals are very common—not to mention popular. For tourists who want to visit as many places as possible in just one tour as well as for those pressed with time during their holiday, the Big Island Tour is definitely a must.

Taking you to five stops, this tour includes a Little Venice Gran Canaria excursion and takes you to various villages in Gran Canaria where you can learn more about the place’s culture, admire tranquil valley views, and discover local crops. It is perfectly capped off with a visit to the beach, ending the excursion on a high note. 

The tour kicks off with a visit to Puerto Morgan, which is popularly known as Little Venice in Gran Canaria. A charming village that’s filled with whitewashed houses and small pathways highlighted by archways dotted with pink flowers, Puerto Morgan or Little Venice is one Gran Canaria tourist spot that’s definitely difficult not to love. This secluded man-made beach hugged by the hill and port is easily one of the go-to-destinations in Gran Canaria for its delightful views of relaxing body of water, rugged rock formations, and eye-catching architecture. The sights are just a small part of the village’s charm, however, as it also offers plenty of things to do with its host of cafés, shops, and accommodations. Strolling along the modern promenade, sunset watching, and swimming and snorkeling are some of the popular activities here.

The next stop in the tour is Los Azuelos, where you can find the “Tiles,” which are stunning volcanic rocks of almost rainbow colors—blue, yellow, green, red, and lilac. The incredibly unique sight reportedly occurs when the volcanic magma cools down when it comes in contact with hydrothermal alterations of water. The place is also home to different hiking trails which will satisfy nature and adventure lovers.

The tour then takes you to the town of San Nicolas where tomatoes are grown. This is where you can observe huge greenhouses and learn how tomatoes are produced and grown. Besides tomatoes, other tropical fruits in the island can be seen here too.    

You’ll then be able to see banana plantations as you pass Guia village on the way to the tour’s fourth stop, which is the town of Agaete. You’ll love the beach and mountain views here, and you’ll enjoy water activities such as snorkeling.

The last stop of the tour is Las Palmas, Gran Canaria’s capital which offers the “best urban beaches.” Tagged as the “European Caribbean,” lazing around the incredible beaches is the popular activity here.

Gran Canaria boat trips

Because Gran Canaria has a wealth of islands and beaches to explore, you’ll encounter offers of boat excursions left and right during your holiday. Among the popular Gran Canaria boat tours is the dolphin spotting excursion, which is a half day tour that takes you out into the sea to spot and observe the friendly and lovely creatures in their natural habitat. 

Guided by experts, the boat will set sail to the Atlantic Ocean and head to a spot most frequented by dolphins. You’ll spend two and a half hours looking out for them, and the excitement begins once you see them giddily swimming along with your boat. These friendly creatures can be spotted all year round, and if you’re lucky, you can even see pilot whales during your trip.

If you wish to be pampered during your holiday, however, there are special Gran Canaria boat trips that let you indulge in ultimate luxury. The luxury five-star catamaran cruise, for instance, treats you to several hours of ultimate pampering which will leave you feeling like a millionaire for a day.

Aboard the five-star catamaran, you’ll sail to Mogan and anchor on the beach so you can enjoy various water activities such as swimming and snorkeling. If you prefer adrenaline-pumping water sports, you can ride a jet ski or a banana boat with your family or friends for that much-needed thrill. Of course, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the beach and admire its marine caves and impressive cliffs. Included in the package is a light lunch plus overflowing drinks guaranteed by the free bar.

Prefer an exclusive trip for your group? Go ahead and book an exclusive catamaran which can accommodate up to 34 people. 

Jeep, buggy, and quad tours

If you want to take a break from the ocean, you can join land excursions via jeep, buggy, or quad tours and explore the other side of Gran Canaria. A jeep safari tour can take you to off-the-beaten tracks which will pleasantly surprise you with picturesque views of volcanic cliffs and rocks, cactus-type flora, palm groves, banana plantations, and more. These tours also offer a different kind of thrill as you drive around Gran Canaria’s steep zigzag roads complemented by awesome nature views.

Music Hall Tavern Gran Canaria

Besides natural attractions, Gran Canaria also entertains tourists with different kinds of shows which are the perfect way to cap off your day on the island. Music Hall Tavern in Gran Canaria will definitely buzz up your night with its side-splitting comedy production matched with incredibly talented performers who are as dazzling and fabulous as their costumes.

Here you’ll be able to witness a unique and totally entertaining drag show that has been delighting the Canary Islands for over 20 years. Music Hall Tavern guarantees you a night of endless fun and music as you get to watch amazing song and dance numbers plus skits and hilarious interactions with the audience. 

Making your night even more memorable are the delicious three-course meal complete with dessert and special menu for kids, plus a wealth of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, to satisfy you through the evening. You can choose to unwind and drink the night away with sangria, beer, or other local spirits. There are also soft drinks if you choose to veer away from alcoholic beverages.

Family attractions

If you’ve come to Gran Canaria to enjoy family-friendly activities, however, you’ll find several attractions that will delight every family member, especially the kids, during your holiday. Visiting parks should be at the top of your list, and you can easily do so by availing a hassle-free excursion to some of the popular ones through a reputable tours provider.

Aqualand Gran Canaria treats everyone to a splash of water fun with its multitude of slides. However, what sets it apart from other parks is the fact that you can also watch a sea lion show here, making it a perfect combination of a water park and an animal park. 

Here you can experience a unique activity of swimming with sea lions and even have your pictures taken with them as souvenir. If you prefer an adrenaline-filled day, however, you can try the different exciting slides such as the Snake Falls, which will leave your hearts thumping. The little kids won’t be left out here too because the park has a special kiddie section called Kidzworld where they can enjoy various attractions meant for tourists their age.

Another park worth visiting is Palmitos Park, which is a botanical garden that’s home to a wide variety of animals and bird species. Here you can enjoy swimming with dolphins in the “best zoo dolphinarium” in the Canary Islands. Besides animals, the whole family can also observe Canary Islands’ rich flora through the garden and different marine animals through the aquarium. Unforgettable and educational experiences await here.

These are just some of the best and most popular Gran Canaria excursions that you can try on your holiday. Besides these suggested destinations and activities, there are still so much more to do and see in Canary Islands’ third biggest island. To make the most out of your holiday, always be on the lookout for all-inclusive Gran Canaria holidays as well as last minute Gran Canaria deals. Booking the right companies and tour providers is just one of the important steps in making sure you have a fun and memorable time on your holiday at Gran Canaria. Happy travels! 

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